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Monday, October 1, 2018

Alexis Goring and Free Books!

She makes a living capturing couple’s romantic love in pictures but her own romance has yet to happen…until she meets the one man who she simply cannot forget.

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And now let's chat with novelist Alexis Goring, author of the contemporary romance, Love in Pictures (Forget Me Not Romances, June 2018).

Alexis A. Goring is a passionate writer with a degree in Print Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing. She loves the art of storytelling and hopes that her stories will connect readers with the enduring, forever love of Jesus Christ.

Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

I don’t like to talk when I’m eating food.

That almost sounds like the result of a parent's successful guidance about good mealtime manners. But I imagine you mean you prefer not talking during the entire mealtime. I definitely get that. I enjoy mealtime conversation when I'm dining with someone else, but sometimes it's nice to have a quiet meal alone, especially with a good book or a compelling film on TV.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of Love in Pictures.

Michelle Hadley is a wedding photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland. She is a pro at capturing couple’s romantic love in pictures but an amateur when it comes to finding romance in her personal life.

Logan Emerson is an award-winning print journalist who dreams of greater success as a broadcast journalist but his personal challenge presents what looks like insurmountable roadblocks on the path to making his dreams come true.

Michelle doesn’t date often and Logan is recovering from a broken heart but something about Michelle awakens his desire to love again.

What is it about Michelle that will make your readers care about her?

Michelle's beautiful personality and passion for promoting diversity for all people in her career field will make my readers care about her in this story.

Write a sentence for us that tells us something about Michelle as a child, and please do the same about Logan.

Michelle loved to take pictures of her grade school friends with a little point and shoot camera that her parents bought for her as a Christmas gift when she was a child.

Since his childhood, Logan loved to entertain his parents at dinnertime by pretending that he was anchoring the evening news—from their kitchen table!

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

The Love Letter, by Rachel Hauck and yes, I would recommend it because it was a beautiful story.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on book number four which is about a formerly fat pastry chef who is now considered “one fine brother” by all the ladies. But his heart is set on the one girl who he loved from afar in high school but was too shy to ask out on a date. What he does not know is that she grew up to be a food writer and her magazine office is located down the block from his bakery.

Where else can readers find you online?

“God is Love” blog

The book can be purchased online via the following button:

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

Why do you like to read books?

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Library Lady said...

I cannot remember a time when I didn't read so I learned to love books from reading the Dick & Jane books. See Spot Run. Run Spot Run.
Reading to me is like breathing.
As I told someone that if I'm not reading, I'm either very sick or talking with Jesus.
I volunteer in the church library and have for almost 40 years. I cannot imagine not being able to read.
Hope that answers your question.
Janet E.

Trish Perry said...

My granddaughter is learning to read right now, and her homework reminds me vividly of how much I loved Phonics, Janet! And the love of reading has never left me.

Alexis, I read to escape, learn, feel something I might not have otherwise felt, laugh, swoon, and cry. I definitely mix it up, genre-wise. And I have become a huge fan of audiobooks--nothing makes my daily walk more enjoyable than having someone tell me a story while I do it.

Velma said...

I love to read because it is an escape for me. For a little while, I can get lost in the life of these characters and forget the world around me.

Karen said...

First, thank you SO much, Trish and Melanie! I can’t wait to read Hidden Among the Stars! To answer your question, Alexis, I enjoy reading because stories take me to places and situations that I might not otherwise get to experience in reality. Books help me to broaden my perspective and to walk a few miles in others’ shoes. Most of all, though, reading is fun! I have always loved books, from the very first ones like Dr. Seuss to my giant TBR stack sitting on my bookcase! Haha

Trish Perry said...

Ah, yes, the TBR pile. When I moved across the country this year, I sold/gave away all of my furniture and many of my belongings. But I packed up all of my books and have them in storage, awaiting my new digs. Can't let those unread books go.



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