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Monday, January 28, 2019

Gail Sattler and Free Books!

FBI agent Steve Gableman needs to get information from his neighbor Cheryl Richardson that she doesn't really know so he can prevent a bombing.

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And now let's meet novelist Gail Sattler, author of the romantic suspense novel, The Other Neighbor (Mantle Rock Publishing, November 2018).

Gail Sattler lives in Vancouver BC Canada, where you don't have to shovel rain. When she's not madly writing (Gail Sattler has over 40 published novels and novellas, plus a few works of non-fiction), she plays bass for an Elton John tribute band as well as a community jazz band. She also plays piano for a smaller private jazz band.

When she's not writing or making music (or at her day job) Gail likes to sit back and read a book written by someone else, along with a good cup of hot coffee.

Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

I am a trekkie. My favorite movie is Star Trek IV (the one with the whales).

The Voyage Home. That was my favorite with the original crew too. Lots of humor.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of The Other Neighbor.

FBI agent Steve Gableman moves next door to Cheryl Richardson so he can find out what she knows about her neighbor, who intel says is building a bomb. Cheryl doesn't realize what she can find out, but Steve does, and the FBI needs to know before people are killed or a target, so far unknown, is destroyed.

What is it about Cheryl that will make your readers care about her?

Cheryl doesn't know what her landlord/neighbor is plotting, but when she finds out, she does her best to help.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019, either with your writing or some other facet of your life?

I want to e-publish a 5 book series that I have in the works right now. (see below)

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

I'm so far behind in my reading I don't know which way is up. I'm catching up on novels I have in my Kindle, and right now I'm reading Lucky by Staci Stallings. I recommend it because the hero has come from a long way down, and even though he struggles, he knows God is there despite struggles and uncertainties.

What are you working on now?

A five book series on the Kozlowski family. With his hectic job as a store manager, Zac Kozlowski treasures his home for its peace and quiet. But then his sister Terina and her yappy dog move in when her home burns down. Then their cousin Matt is evicted when his roomie steals the rent money. Another cousin, Wesley, needs a place to stay with an unexpected urgent job transfer. If that wasn't enough under one roof, everyone nearly forgot about eccentric Aunt Nettie, who sublet her condo for six months so she could come for a visit… \with her cat. And the fun begins.

Where else can readers find you online?

Visit my website at www.gailsattler.com
My blog - What Goes On In The Mind Of A Writer
My Facebook author page

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

For the series I've started writing on the Kozlowski family, all of which will be stand alone romantic comedies with no cliff-hangers, what length of book do you like to read?

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KDA61 said...

Hi Gail,
In answer to your question, I like a book between 200 - 300 pages long.

I laughed when you described the new books you are writing and mentioned the sister moving in with her yappy dog.

My son in law may find his peace shattered by my yappy dog since I moved into their house to care for my grandchildren

KDA61 said...

I like a 200 - 300 page book.

I forgot to mention my email

Sylvia said...

I like reading a variety of lengths. If it's a heavier book with a lot of mystery, history, or backstory that needs to be told, then I like 300-400+ pages. If it's a lighter more comedic book, or contemporary, then I don't mind it being 200+ pages.

I love reading Gail Sattler's books and didn't know that she was writing again. This is great news.


Katie Andersen said...

It really varies. I loved long books as a teen. Now I love any length as long as it keeps me engaged! If it’s a 60 page novella and has me loving the characters, I love it! It’s its a 500 page novel and has me constantly thinking about the characters and their tribulations, I love that too! I will say for right now, with 2 that are 2 and 7 months, I am reading more short books, about 260 pages or less, than anything else right now. I recently just bought one of your books, Gail, because author Toni Shilo wrote about how much she loved Secret Admirer from way back when. It should arrive soon I hope! It should be a good Feb read too!



Hi Gail I like a book with 200-300 pages long I love to read so Thank you for the chance to win SARAHTAYLOR601973atyahoodotcom



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