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Monday, October 26, 2020

Free Copy of the Audiobook: A Special Kind of Double!


As a special promotion, I'm going to give away ten copies of the audiobook version of my romantic suspense novella, A Special Kind of Double, to the first ten people who comment below that they will listen to the audiobook and take the time to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Your comment below needs to include your [fractured] email address, like so: trish[at]trishperry[dot]com, so I can send you the free download code. 

I'm hopeful that your review will be favorable, of course, but that is not required. I'll be grateful if you simply post your review!

Since subscribers get email notice of my blogposts, they are more likely to comment first. I'll be doing giveaways like this in the future. So, if you're too late to participate this time, please consider subscribing (to the right, above my list of books), so you'll get the email notifications early.

Here's what the story is about: 

Franny and Grace Otterbridge were always the closest of sisters. But after their father’s death, Grace veered off in a different direction. Now Franny feels she’s lost her. Literally - Grace has gone missing. Franny assumes she’s taken off on another wild hair, but signs soon suggest otherwise. 

Franny accepts amateur sleuthing help from new flame Nevan Burns, a young fine artist (who’s also a fine young artist). He proves himself more than good company, and Franny finds herself swinging from one emotion to another, from joy to fear, from anticipation to dread. 

She’s not equipped to search for Grace alone. She’s even less prepared for what she finds.

I'm looking forward to getting the book to you!

ALSO: After you leave your entry email below, be sure to read today's interview with Thomas Allbaugh, who is discussing his new short-story collection, a copy of which he'll give away next week!


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I did not know that you wrote romantic suspense because I guess I’ve only seen your beach type of novels. This sounds very interesting. perrianne (DOT) askew (AT) me (DOT) com
Perrianne Askew

Trish Perry said...

I just emailed each of you with the free audiobook code. I hope you enjoy it!

Perrianne, I always include romance (so far) in my books, but the last few have walked closer to the suspense side. Probably reflective of my current reading habits. It's fun to vary a bit here and there!



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