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Monday, June 22, 2020

Zoe McCarthy and Free Books!

Fashion model Vivian Day’s Mustang breaks down in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, and her rescuer, Brayden Cole, reluctantly introduces her to a simpler life style.

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And now let's visit again with novelist Zoe McCarthy, author of the contemporary Christian romance, The Irresistible Woman in a Blue Dress (December 2019).

Zoe M. McCarthy was pegged an expressive analytic in a professional personality test. Isn’t that an oxymoron? But it’s true. Zoe couldn’t survive without expressing her creative imaginings. Yet, this retired actuary* and introvert receives her energy from being alone in her home office overlooking the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.

Believing opposites distract, Zoe has seven indie or traditionally published Christian contemporary romances. Her stories involve tenderness and humor and heroes and heroines who learn to embrace their differences. Zoe also has a book out on writing, Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript in 30 Days.

She and her husband, grandparents of six, enjoy canoeing and spending time at their lake cabin, where she writes during month-long sabbaticals—alone.

*Actuaries perform the mathematical analysis for insurance companies, pricing products and estimating reserves to pay claims.

Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

At ages 7-10, I lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during the rise of Papa Doc; at ages 15-16, I lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis; and at age 20, I lived in Bangkok, Thailand during the Vietnam War.

Sounds like maybe someone's parent(s) served our country!

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of The Irresistible Woman in a Blue Dress.

Overworked Chicago fashion model Vivian Day flees a difficult photo shoot in Roanoke, Virginia, and heads for a three-week vacation in Tennessee. But when Vivian detours into the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, her Mustang breaks down on a remote mountain road.

Home-improvement-store manager Brayden Cole gives the frustrated woman wearing a blue gown and flip-flops a ride and, while her car's in the shop, a room at his mother's house in Twisty Creek. Brayden's mother urges him to entertain the big-city woman. Brayden, who considers himself a magnet for women’s woes, reluctantly introduces Vivian to the mountain lifestyle and breathtaking views.

Now, as Vivian experiences the simple mountain life, she realizes her stressful career and demanding agent, who's her mother, are draining joy from her life.

What is it about Vivian that will make your readers care about her?

Although a fashion model in the Chicago market, she doesn’t use her beauty for her personal benefit, and through little fault of her own, she faces tougher problems than the average woman.

If your publisher asked you to write a novel incorporating the coronavirus in some respect, what might you write about?

I’d feature a heroine living in a small Virginia town dealing with job loss, financial issues, and virus exposure by an unwanted old boyfriend. When she has a fever, she seeks medical help. She tests negative, but the new intern doctor at her doctor’s office learns from her records she suffered a concussion from a robbery attack recently. Her beautiful, sad eyes above her mask capture his heart. He becomes her secret champion, leaving grocery bags of food on her doorstep. Then …

Aww, that's sweet.

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

I recommend Lisa Carter’s Under A Turquoise Sky. Lisa effectively introduced me to the Navajo people in an entertaining and often humorous witness-protection story. Loved the little dog, Taco, and his relationship with the tough protection agent.

Well, that sounds intriguing! What are you working on now?

I just finished and sent to my editor the contemporary Christian romance, Across the Lake, that will first come out in a fall collection in September 2020. I’m now returning to my first speculative Christian novel whose story has captured my creative thoughts.

Where else can readers find you online?

Amazon Author Page
Website: zoemmccarthy.com

The book can be purchased online via the following button:

Readers, if you would like to see a sample reading from the book, you'll find it HERE--Click on "Look Inside."

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

What are the main ways you find the books you read, i.e. word of mouth, Facebook groups, BookBub, etc.?

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Sally Shupe said...

Great post, Zoe! Seven published stories. That is awesome! I find most of my books by word of mouth, or going to the bookstore and looking at covers/titles. The last time I did that, I came home with 8 books! Zoe, I need to hear more about this speculative fiction story you're working on!
sallyshupe1 at gmail dot com

Zor M. McCarthy said...

Hi Sally, the speculative takes place after the rapture and the Global Government sends sweepers to sweep houses for Bibles and related materials. It tells how Haley and 5 other women are called to address this problem.

Sally Shupe said...

Zoe, that sounds great. Can't wait to read that one! Thanks!

Trish Perry said...

For the longest time I chose books through reviews, but then I ended up with SO many TBR books, I had to stop. Still, I read books besides those on my shelves if they're chosen for book clubs I belong to or if writer friends have new releases. I also gravitate towards books that are optioned for television or film, because I want to read them before they're available for viewing--the books always tend to be better!

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Thank you, Trish for hosting me and sharing how you find books. Your film option is unique to the usual ways I hear.

Brenda Arrington said...

I'm afraid of horses, especially their big teeth!

I hope I win!

Vie said...

Hey there, Zoe (and Trish),

I loved reading this interview of a dear friend by another dear friend! All of Zoe's novels are sweet reads--with very opposite lead characters. I love them all, and I'm especially fond of her nonfiction, Tailor Your Fiction Manuscript.

Way to go, Zoe and Trish.

Oh,I tend to buy books reviewed or recommended by friends.
Vie (Don't enter me in the contest, please. I already have a complete Zoe collection.)

Trish Perry said...

Now I like Zoe even more, after her association with the awesome Vie.

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Thank you, Vie for your very kind words!

Gail H. said...

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains! It’s so beautiful. I’ve read several novels written with that area as background. Would love to read yours! I learn about new books through emails from online stores, author recommendations and friends and family.

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Thanks for answering my question, Gail. I've found word of mouth is one of the most popular ways readers find books they want to read. Also, I truly love Southwest Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Trixi said...

I've found many of my books from being on various author launch/street teams, reader friends recommendations, Facebook reader groups, Goodreads recommendations, authors newsletters, book giveaway contests, book review blogs from reader friends or blogs I follow, etc! If I don't know an author or a book, all I have to do is reach out to my reader friends on Facebook and they will tell me what they think. I don't read reviews on Amazon or Goodreads often, for the most part they don't away me one way or the other on a book. Unless it gets consistent 3 or less stars, then I have to find out why.

This is an intriguing book! Thanks for sharing more about it :-)
I'm a subscriber, thanks for the giveaway chance, Trish!

teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Trixi, you sound like an avid reader, using so many avenues to finding the books you want to read. I liked that you join street teams. That is so helpful to authors.

Alice said...

I use Christian Book Distributors, Love Inspired,and Amazon. I've gotten a few from Trish's blog, too.
Alice Myers

Zoe M. McCarthy said...

Thanks, Alice, for answering my question. Nice to hear the name Alice. My mom's name was Alice.

Trish Perry said...

Alice, I'm so glad you've gotten some book ideas from here. I always hope readers will try the books featured here!



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