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Monday, December 23, 2019

James Miller and Free Books!

Two strangers caught in the crosshairs of the mob lay down their lives for each other without first counting the cost, because there is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still—a love story that will break your heart in a good way.

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And now let's chat with novelist James Miller, author of the Christian Romantic Thriller, No Pit So Deep, The Cody Musket Story (Winged Publications, May 2019).

Award winning author James N. Miller has been described as a realist, comic, writer, and entrepreneur. He is a gifted speaker who has entertained thousands, and his inspirational tweets and posts have traversed the world.

He became a writer, he says, because he has things he wants to say. He is a fiction author and sometimes contributor for The Liberty Beacon worldwide media group.

Jim is a pilot with over 8000 hours in the air, a former business owner, a husband, father and grandfather. He lives in Waco, Texas with his wife Carla.

Tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

In 1984 I was asked to fly a rescue mission into Mexico for two downed missionary pilots who had crashed near Monterrey. I was temporarily detained by the Federales because the Wings for Christ Missionary Organization pilots were initially (and wrongly) purported to be drug runners.

My wife Carla, an alpha female who eventually became my inspiration for the fictional character Brandi in my novel, called everyone, it seemed, including the Governor of Texas and the American Consulate in Mexico to obtain my release and the freedom of the two pilots.

Within twenty-four hours, we were able to fly back safely across the border just in time to save the injured missionaries, both of whom survived.

Wow! That's like something from the movies, Jim! Good for both you and Carla--what a dynamic team.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of No Pit So Deep.

Think about a blend of Jason Bourne and Hallmark Channel.

Cody Musket, professional athlete and decorated US Marine, is haunted by his dark military past. Brandi Barnes, a tenacious investigative journalist and single mom, has exposed a child-trafficking ring and is wanted by the syndicate. When the cartel attempts to abduct Brandi at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, steps from the crowd and saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of Cody’s past.

Cody and Brandi are now forced into a dangerous game of hide-n-seek with the mob, but Brandi soon discovers deep shadows from Cody’s past which are threatening to destroy him from within. What secrets lay in the Afghan desert where his plane went down? Brandi risks her life and career to unravel a mystery to save the only man she has ever loved, while her three-year-old daughter conquers and melts Cody’s frozen heart.

Thrilling, tragic, heartwarming, funny, and inspirational. A story of honor, courageous love, and finding faith.

What is it about Cody and Brandi that will make your readers care about them?

My reviewers tell me that the chemistry between these two is the force that captivates the reader. Both bring heavy baggage into their friendship which becomes a love story. Cody, a strong but vulnerable man, has witnessed things in Afghanistan that no man should ever see. Brandi, a woman of great courage, has been a victim of violent crime. Together, they discover love and faith, and then answer a call to fight child trafficking. (Note that their individual stories were inspired by real events and people).

Yes, even though I always prefer reading fiction to reading nonfiction, I do enjoy fiction so much when it's based on actual people.

What fictional character would you like to meet?

Bruce Wayne comes to mind. He’s wealthy, brilliant, and able, yet he suffers agony that never goes away. The images of his parents gunned down when he was a child still haunt him, and he has taken upon his shoulders the weight of a suffering city plagued by evildoers. As the superhero Batman, he's fueled by anger and revenge, but he is never able to even the score. He strives to overcome his personal demons by employing self-discipline and human strength, yet he never finds love or peace.

I would tell him of the real Superhero who crashed the gates of Hell and tore down demonic strongholds, who laid down His life to pay for our wrongdoing, who rose from the dead, and will one day make all crooked ways straight. I would challenge him to bow the knee to Jesus, who promises to send His eternal Spirit to live within His followers and empower them with a peace the world cannot understand. I would say that while we must fight evil, we can know the joy of companionship with the Maker of all things, and that in union with Him, we can invade the impossible, no longer limited to our own abilities.

Zap! Kapow! Thwack! Yeah! I would love meeting Bruce Wayne!

I love that! I pictured the Christopher Nolan version of Batman while reading your answer. Bruce Wayne really is such a tragic figure. Despite the upbeat ending of the trilogy, it would be an even happier story if Wayne found the Lord.

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

This question is difficult to answer because I have been afflicted during the past year by a serious eye-allergy condition which has limited my reading. The last book I read which impacted my life greatly was Flight to Heaven by Dale Black, a true story which actually reads like a thriller. Captain Dale Black was the lone survivor of an aircraft crash at age 19. This book changed the way I think about walking with God, the afterlife, and my personal commitment as a follower of Jesus.

I forgot about your eye affliction, Jim. I'll keep you in prayer about that (and I hope readers will, as well). I know it has to be difficult for you, especially as a writer.

What are you working on now?

My next project will be to produce audiobooks for my complete Cody Musket series (4 books).

Where else can readers find you online?


The book can be purchased online via the following button:

You can read a sample from the book HERE

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

Do you believe there is a pit so deep that even God cannot find you?

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GrandaddyA said...

I think God can find us anywhere. Maybe there are places where we cannot find Him, but that's when we have been trying to go it alone. Reminds me of "Footprints in the Sand."

Vivian Furbay said...

What an interesting story! God is with us children and never leaves us alone and never stops loving us. Vivian Furbay jtandviv (at) q (dot) com

Trish Perry said...

I agree--I think it's possible to be in such a pit of despair and heartache that it might feel that God doesn't see us. Praise God, I've never been there, but I know if happens to people. I remember my sister--when she was alive and suffering both physically and emotionally--crying once and saying to me, "Why doesn't God love me?" Now she's with Him in Heaven and knows better, but that was a tragically sad time in her short life.

Melanie Backus said...

I think God is always with us, high or low, but I think sometimes we forget that. When facing difficulties, not turning to God, and trying to handle things on our own, we may be in a pit that seems bottomless.
mauback55 at gmail dot com


I think Jesus is always with us and he never leaves us or forsake us When we feel like it is to hard to bare that is when he is right there with us Thank you for such an amazing post! SARAHTAYLOR601973(at)YAHOO(dot)COM

Paula Shreckhise said...

God us everywhere even in our lowest times. Didn’t the psalmist say that you can’t get away from God no matter where you go?
I have clung to Romans 8: 38& 39 for the past few years..... nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ our Lord!
This sounds like an awesome book!

Paula Shreckhise said...

Oops forgot paulams49ATsbcglobalDOTnet



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