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Monday, May 13, 2019

Beth Vogt and Free Books!

Can a trio of sisters move from declaring a truce to fully trusting one another?

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And now let's revisit novelist Beth Vogt, author of the new women’s fiction release, Moments We Forget (Tyndale House, May 2019).

Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” Having authored nine contemporary romance novels and novellas, Beth’s first women’s fiction novel with Tyndale House Publishers, Things I Never Told You, released May 2018. Moments We Forget, book two in the Thatcher Sisters Series, released May 2019.

Beth is a 2016 Christy Award winner, a 2016 ACFW Carol Award winner, and a 2015  RITA® finalist. An established magazine writer and former editor of the leadership magazine for MOPS International, Beth blogs for Novel Rocket and The Write Conversation and also enjoys speaking to writers group and mentoring other writers.

Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

Funny story: I met my husband Rob in a karate studio when he knocked me down while I was working out – preparing for my brown belt exam. We like to tell people he swept me off my feet.

That almost sounds like the "meet cute" of romantic comedy, Beth. Kind of romantic!

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of Moments We Forget.

Jillian Thatcher has spent most of her life playing the family peacemaker, caught in the middle between her driven, talented older sister and her younger, spotlight-stealing twin sisters. Now, Jillian’s on the road to recovery after finally finishing chemo and radiation, but residual effects of the treatment keep her from reclaiming her life as she’d hoped.

Can Jillian count on her sisters as she tries to step into a stronger place—or will she always be “just Jillian,” the less-than Thatcher sister?

What is it about Jillian that will make your readers care about her?

Jillian wants more for herself … for her life. And we all want that at some point in our lives – something more, whether it’s an unfulfilled dream, or an unfulfilled promise we’ve made to ourselves or that someone’s made to us.

Let’s say someone wrote a novel based on your life. What would the title be?

Choosing the Beauty of Broken

Hmm. Intriguing! 

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

The Solace of Water by Elizabeth Byler Younts – I stayed up all night reading this novel and I was on deadline at the time! She writes about the unlikely friendship between two women and the story – the issues Elizabeth delved into in such an honest way – kept me turning the pages.

What are you working on now?

I’m finishing book three in the Thatcher Sisters Series, where Johanna steps front and center into the plot. She’s had quite the journey from book one to book three.

Where else can readers find you online?

Website/blog: bethvogt.com
Amazon Author Page

The novel can be purchased online via the following button:

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

Whether they have sisters or know sisters, what do they find intriguing about sister relationships?

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Holly Magnuson said...

I've so enjoyed Beth's books in the past. This sounds like it would be very touching and challenging.

I had a sister, who passed away almost 5 years ago at age 46. Although, we were only 3 years a part in age we never really connected. Kind of sad when I see sisters that are good friends, we just never had that.


Patty said...

I have also enjoyed several of Beth's books in the past, I would love to read this series!
I have/had an older and a younger sister. Unfortunately we lost my younger sister as a young adult. It was an incredibly difficult time.
While you would think all siblings/sisters would be close it is not always so. I was always closer to my younger sister, but I am glad to have my older sister nearby!


Trish Perry said...

Wow, two sisters lost, above. I, too, lost one of my two sisters when she was a young adult, quite some time ago. I miss her so much, and I look forward to seeing her again in heaven. We were close, and I think my younger sister and I have become closer during the years since Noreen's death, partly because we share this loss and partly because we both know we only have the one sister left in this life. We appreciate each other. But we were like cats and dogs as teens!

Beth K. Vogt said...

Holly: I'm so sorry that your sister died at such a young age. And I'm sorry, too, that you were not close with her. The dedication in Moments We Forget acknowledges the complex nature of sister relationships, something I understand because of my relationships with my two sisters.

Patty: Losing a sibling is a heartbreak. I've watched others experience this. I'm estranged from my siblings, which is a different kind of loss. We're all alive, but we're separated from one another by a very real barrier that cannot be breached.

Trish: It's unusual, I think to have a common thread of sister loss. I know you can empathize with Holly and Patty in a way others can't.

Pam K. said...

I'm the oldest of three sisters (we also have three brothers). Our middle sister died seven years ago. Though she was three years younger than me, we weren't as close as I am with the one ten years younger. We are all different but still loved each other. We are family.
I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it very much. I want to keep reading about the Thatcher sisters.


Anonymous said...

I have two sisters. One drives me crazy for 60 plus years. Neither had anything much to do with me growing up. I was just one they blamed for everything they did. jrs0350@yahoo.com

Beth K. Vogt said...

Pam: "We were all different but still loved each other." How wonderful that you can say this.

Anonymous: I'm so sorry that your relationships with your sisters has been difficult for so many years. I know this has to be painful for you.

Caryl Kane said...

Hello Beth and Trish! I didn't have a sister so the Lord gave me many "heart" sisters instead!

I'm excited to read this series.


Trish Perry said...

That's nice to hear, Caryl. I hope that others who either didn't have sisters or who had strained (or nonexistent) relationships with their sisters ended up developing "heart" sister connections instead. We women need those connections.

Beth K. Vogt said...

Caryl: I have a number of sisters-of-the-hearts. They are precious to me.



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