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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Never Too Late for Romance--Six-Book Set!

This terrific six-book romance set is now 
available for $4.99 on Kindle! HERE

Books included: 

SUMMER IN LOVE by Joi Copeland

She longs for love and family. He longs for love and acceptance. An unusual request from the owner of KORE FM radio station brings him face to face with the love he left behind. 


A woman searching for answers. A man searching for her. Will God bring them together after a twenty-year separation for a second chance at love? Even after including them, will Evy truly allow the Lord to work His plan in her life or insist on her own? 


As a pregnant teen, Delaney Shaw had to grow up quickly. Now she’s forty and embracing experiences she missed as a hard-working single mom—college, independence, and…romance? No, thank you. No time for romance. But Delaney’s grown daughter, her best friend, and a dashing-but-vexing professor might change her mind. Delaney’s been blessed with a chance to change her future, if her past and present hang-ups can just get out of the way. 

PROVIDENCE by Faye Roberts

“Providence is like the seed inside a peach. The essence, that golden kernel of life, is tucked safely inside the armor of a protective outer pit. Providence is simply the shielding care of God, like a mother’s protection of her child in the womb—the seed that will someday bear its own fruit. With eternal spring on the wind, Katie has one final commitment to keep before she’s ready to reap her harvest—one final seed to plant after the hard winter—that seed of providence called hope. 

A NEW SONG by Martha Rogers 

Fifteen years ago, Elena Boucher, known as Vonda Mason, dropped out of the spotlight of show business after a car accident killed her husband and left her critically wounded. Now, with a teenage daughter, she joins a trip with her daughter and other youth from her church on a mission trip to Nashville. There she discovers the pastor of the host church is Jonathan Wilbanks, an old classmate from high school. Seeing him and being in the city that brought her fame and fortune brings back memories and secrets she buried the day she left town and disappeared. Now, all of that is being threatened as she is recognized and hounded for information about her disappearance. As friends rally around her, Elena learns that trusting in the Lord can overcome everything threatening her present and give her future she had never dreamed possible. 

NOT MY PARTY by Marilyn Turk

Karen Miller’s life is rolling along comfortably with her three sons out of the nest, her long-lasting marriage, and her career. But Karen’s life is turned upside down when her husband walks out and she is laid off, forcing her to relocate from her “forever” home to start a new life in Florida. But how does one start over at middle age? Where does she fit in and how can she meet new people, much less date? Ken Newman is a widower ready to start dating again four years after his wife’s death. With a work schedule that frequently takes him out of town, he has little opportunity to meet anyone, and he already knows every woman at church—until the new lady shows up. Could she be the one? But is she single? Karen’s adventures to make new friends are fraught with humor, trial, and error. Too bad that attractive man at church is unavailable.

The set can be purchased on Kindle via the following link:

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