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Monday, December 14, 2020

Free Audiobook: A Midnight Clear!

In celebration of the release of the audiobook version of my contemporary romance, A Midnight Clear, I'm going to give away free Audible copies of the audiobook to the first ten people who sign up in the comments section, below. Just leave me a first name and your email address [fractured, for security purposes, like trish(at)trishperry(dot)com], so I can send you the free book code.  

Here's a summary of the story: 

When she attends a dinner party in Washington, DC, thrown by friends far wealthier than she, writer Maddie Travers is distracted by internal debates. 

Should she move back to DC? Should she seek work she might find more fulfilling? She meets the appealing “regular guy,” Dom Sebastiani at the party and consequently wonders whether she’s ready to seek romance again. So many decisions! 

At the stroke of midnight, a shocking turn of events sets Maddie on a path that holds at least as many questions for her as it does answers.

I look forward to getting the book to you! I find I've been listening to a lot more audio books these days, while walking or doing things around the house. I hope you'll enjoy listening to this fun story too.


Michelle said...

Awesome! I love audiobooks!! They sure help me multitask. chellegoodson at gmail(.com)

Alison Boss said...

Oh! I would be thrilled to win an audiobook A Midnight Clear, Trish! Thank you for the chance to win it!!

Alison Boss said...

Oops! I forgot to leave my email address. It is: nj(dot)bossman(at)gmail(dot)com

dixiegran.wordpress.com said...

Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway. I love audio books and would def like to have this one. My email address is dixiegran@gmail.com

Jasmine A. said...

What a fun giveaway!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to receive an audio copy of your book. Christine

Holly Magnuson said...

FUN!!!! I'm enjoying listening to Audio books when I walk the dog!
Thanks Trish!

kim hansen said...

cheetahthecat1986@gmail.com Kim

Gail H. said...

I’d love to be in on this!


Barbara said...

I have not had an audio book so think I would enjoy it. I read Midnight Clear so look forward to hearing it.

Trish Perry said...

Holly, I don't have an email to send you your free-book link. I hope you'll check back and leave that for me!

Trish Perry said...

Barbara, I'm in the same boat with you--if you check back here, please let me know what email address to use to get the free-book link to you.

Unknown said...

Looks like all the codes are gone, but I thought I would try. Thank you rose Blackard at Gmail dot com

Trish Perry said...

Thanks for leaving your info, Rose. We actually haven't reached ten yet, so I'll get your free-audiobook link to you momentarily!

Barbara said...

My email address to receive the audio book is Cjansma@cfl.rr.com
Thank yoo so much.

Trish Perry said...

Great, Barbara! I'll get that link to you in just a moment. Now I just need Holly's email, and we've got our ten. Merry Christmas, all!

Dianna said...

Congrats on your audiobook release! I love to listen to audiobooks, especially Christian fiction (so I don't have to worry about what my kids might overhear.)



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