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Monday, February 5, 2018

Elizabeth Goddard and Free Books!

Marine biologist Sadie Strand is back in her coastal hometown to prove her best friend was murdered—but searching for evidence could cost Sadie her life.

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And now let's chat with novelist Elizabeth Goddard, author of the romantic suspense novel, Thread of Revenge (Love Inspired Suspense, February 2018).

Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than thirty romance novels and counting, including the romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies--a 2011 Carol Award winner.

Four of her six Mountain Cove books have been contest finalists. Buried, Backfire, and Deception are finalists in the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, and Submerged is a Carol Award finalist.

A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of writing full-time.

Please tell us one random thing we might not know about you.

I’m a descendant of Alamo Defender Claiborne Wright.

Well, you don't mess around with your 7th generation Texan status, do you? That's wonderful, that you know that about your heritage.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of Thread of Revenge.

I love all things ocean, and especially the characters in this story. I had wanted to be a marine biologist growing up so in a way I’m living vicariously through my heroine. The hero is a Coast Guard investigator, which was fascinating to research.

Here’s the blurb: Marine biologist Sadie Strand is back in her coastal hometown to prove her best friend was murdered—but searching for evidence almost costs Sadie her life. Abducted, drugged and left for dead on a sinking boat, she’s barely rescued in time by Coast Guard Investigative Service special agent Gage Sessions, an old friend.

Assigned to protect Sadie and connect three complicated cases, Gage risks his life time and again to make sure the woman he once loved survives. But although the handsome, guarded agent vows to protect her, someone will keep killing to ensure the truth never rises to the surface.

What is it about Sadie and Gage that will make your readers care about them?

Sadie wants to know the truth about what happened to her friend. Who murdered her. Sadie holds herself indirectly responsible for her friend’s death. After all, if she had been home instead of gallivanting around the world on a research trip, her best friend might still be alive.

I think we can all relate to asking those ‘what if’ questions. What if I’d done this or gone there, things might have been different, ya know?

As for Gage—the Coast Guard protector—he’s just an all-around likeable hero whose life has come full circle and he gets another chance to maybe fall in love with this girl he loved years ago.

I think readers will be rooting for him to get Sadie’s attention this time. And for Sadie to notice him—the man of her dreams that was right there in front of her this whole time, but she never noticed him.

Share with us a quote you like from a book other than yours.

“The stars shine bright when it gets dark enough. The invisible becomes visible.” 

That’s from Sibella Giorello’s The Stars Shine Bright: A Raleigh Harmon Novel, Book 5.

I love that quote because it’s deep and has all kinds of meaning. Depending on where you are in life, it could mean something different to you.

When we were camping in Yellowstone this last summer, for the first time in my life, I could see the stars all night long because we were sleeping in the back of minivan (in a special tent that attaches to minivans). At some point I would wake up and the sky would be seriously pitch black and the stars--ohmygosh--they were so amazing and bright, and I could see the Milky Way even. So it's really true the stars shine brightest in the darkest night.

Metaphorically, when we’re in our darkest place—we need to look for the stars. To me, God can more easily be “seen" there—He’s the invisible, after all.

That's lovely. And what a stunning sight that must have been at Yellowstone.

What is the last novel you read that you would recommend?

That’s a tough question to answer since I would recommend almost everything I read—I usually read romantic suspense written by friends. I just wrapped up Lisa Harris’s Vanishing Point, so I’ll go with that one. I would recommend it because it wraps up her Nikki Boyd series and answers the question about what happened to Nikki’s sister.

What are you working on now?

Ha! Many things. I’m starting another book in my current Coldwater Bay Intrigue series, and then will soon be turning in my first book for Revell—Abducted (working title). This year is a busy writing year for me because I have five books to write—three for Love Inspired Suspense and two for Revell.

My goodness, I can't imagine. Ever since working a full-time job, I've been fortunate to even get two novellas written each year. I'm very impressed with your prolific pace!

Where else can readers find you online?


The book can be purchased online via the following button:

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

How do you find new-to-you authors?

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Anonymous said...

I find out about books on Facebook, blogs & newsletters. I'm a member of Avid Readers of christian Fiction on Facebook and this group is very actively sharing books and reviews. It's a large group but everyone is very warm and kind about the rules. Thaank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Paula said...

I find new authors on Facebook groups like Perrianne does! I enter lots of contests from lots of reviewer blogs. So I find a lot of new books and authors. I really can’t keep up! I have enjoyed reading Elizabeth’s books in the past and this one looks just as good . One of my favorite genres is suspense .

Sally Shupe said...

I find out about me authors from blogs, Facebook, and newsletters. Thanks for the great interview.


Becky Smith said...

I find new authors mostly through blogs or FaceBook parties or through First Line Friday where everyone shares the book they are reading. I also find them at the back of books I read or other friend's recommendations. Sometimes I find them when I look at book sales, and sometimes when browsing a bookstore or used store. And some are gifts. I have enjoyed Elizabeth Goddard's books that I have read!

Becky Smith said...

I am subscribed to your blog, and I forgot to leave how you can contact me. Becky lelandandbecky [AT] reagan[DOT] com

Kim hansen said...

Cool enjoy her books. cheetahthecat1986ATgmailDOTcom

Alice Myers said...

I find many new to me authors in novella collections.

Amy @ Books, College, and Other Random Things said...

I find out through groups on Facebook, blogs, and recommendations on Amazon.


Beth Goddard said...

Interesting to hear how many of your find new books through Facebook. I guess that's good news!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth Goddard

Anonymous said...

I usually find out about new authors from book bloggers, facebook groups, and Goodreads reviews and friends.
I am an e mail subscriber to your blog Trish
marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

MH said...

I find new-to-me authors through blogs I follow and reading anthologies.
mindyhoung AT msn DOT com

Kelly Blackwell said...

I have several ways that I have found new-to-me authors.
1- Friends recommendations. My friends who know what I like have often shared a book from an author they enjoy.

2- Other authors and bloggers who have shared reviews and cover reveals.

3- Amazon has piqued my interest in authors via a free or low cost and I have hooked right in afterwards.

4- I also follow a few publishers that I really like. I often am willing to take a leap on an author I don't know if they are published by a group I trust. :)



Jan Hall said...

I find new authors bin many ways. Amazon, Facebook, author blogs, giveaways, love inspired, thrift stores, libraries, friends, Twitter, e-mails.

J Dennis said...

I usually find new to me authors by perusing either the CBD catalog or the library. Also, online social media sites and Goodreads! Love the cover of this book! jdennis298(at)gmail(dot)com

Deb said...

I find out about new-to-me authors and books by looking on Amazon, my preferred retailer for ebooks. I also get newsletters from other authors letting their subscribers know about new authors.

Unknown said...

I find out new to me authors through amazon, book bubs, Good reads. Facebook, e-mail, friends, author blogs,giveaways, just to name a few Thank you for the chance to win. rose blackard (at) gmail (dot) com

Patricia Rose said...

i find new authors through book clubs and facebook, i just finished Lynn Blackburn's new book Beneath the Surface and it is very good, also read Elizabeth Goddard's Thread of Revenge, loved it. email is patricia_rose2@comcast.net thank you



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