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Monday, December 12, 2011

Susan Sleeman and Free Books!

PhotobucketSomeone wants to make this a Christmas Megan Cash won't live long enough to forget.

Before we chat with today's author, I want to announce that the winner of the signed copy of Roseanna White's novel, Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland, is:

crazi.swans@ . . .

Congratulations! I'll contact you today for your snail mail address, and we'll get your book to you right away. I encourage readers to keep commenting and/or subscribe at right (above my list of books) in order to participate in future book give-aways!

Now let's chat with novelist Susan Sleeman, author of The Christmas Witness (Love Inspired, December 2011).

PhotobucketSusan Sleeman is a best-selling author of inspirational romantic suspense and mystery novels. She grew up in a small Wisconsin town where she spent her summers reading Nancy Drew and developing a love of mystery and suspense books. Today, she channels this enthusiasm into writing romantic suspense and mystery novels and hosting the popular internet website TheSuspenseZone.com.

Susan currently lives in Florida, but has had the pleasure of living in nine states. Her husband is a church music director and they have two beautiful daughters, a very special son-in-law and an adorable grandson.

Please tell us five random things we might not know about you.

--Not only have I lived in nine states, but I actually lived in Texas twice.

--I am our church librarian.

--One day when my husband was at work I decided to remodel the upstairs of our house and took out all the walls before he came home that night.

--I used to have so many Christmas decorations it would take several days to put them all out.

--I love to bake.

I absolutely love the take-down-the-walls item. That should be in a book.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of The Christmas Witness.

PhotobucketWhen a criminal threatened to kill Megan Cash if she testified against him, she didn’t back down. Years later, he’s out of jail and ready for revenge against Megan and her daughter. The only one who can protect them is the former FBI agent who broke Megan’s heart.

But Reid Morgan isn’t the same man—he’s now a widowed father with a harrowing past . . . and a heart more guarded than ever. Still, he’s the only one who believes Megan when she says she’s in danger. Because someone wants to make this a Christmas she won’t live long enough to forget.

What is it about Megan and Reid that will make your readers care about them?

Both Megan and Reid have faced having loves ones deal with cancer. Reid’s wife lost her battle and Megan’s daughter is still battling the disease. I think this makes both of them very real characters that we all can identify with as we all know someone with cancer and what a heart-wrenching struggle that can be. We can empathize with the pain and sadness they both have endured and want them to find some peace in their lives.

If you were the casting director for the film version of your novel, who would play your lead roles?

PhotobucketMegan would be played by Kelli Giddish.

PhotobucketReid would be played by Bailey Chase.

Many authors—including multi-published authors—have started taking their out-of-print books and even original books straight to e-books, which they’ve essentially self-published. What are your thoughts about the idea? Have you done it, or are you likely to?

This month I am e-publishing Nipped in the Bud, my cozy mystery that released from Barbour in 2010. This will be published in a group effort with other cozy mystery authors and we have given the line of mysteries the name Spyglass Lane Mysteries. I think this is a great opportunity for authors to provide readers with books that they can no longer get in traditional form. Also, many readers today read only on e-readers and by publishing this book it allows those readers to read it as well. And as a wonderful bonus the book will release for only .99 and then retail at 2.99. A price point any reader can love.

What is the last book you read that you would recommend?

The last book I read that I can recommend is Died in the Wool, by Elizabeth Ludwig and Janelle Mowery. This is a light-hearted, yet very well written cozy mystery that keeps the reader interested through the whole book and doesn’t have a lot of gore or violence that mysteries sometimes have.

What are you working on now?

I just finished the edits on the first book in a new series I am writing for Love Inspired Suspense and I’m busy writing the second book in the series. This series is called The Justice Agency – Law enforcement and family go hand in hand. It’s about five adopted siblings who work in various fields of law enforcement until their adoptive parents are murdered. When the police can’t figure out who killed their beloved parents the Justice siblings come together to solve the case. They discover in the process that they like working together and they form an investigative agency called The Justice Agency. They dedicate the agency to helping people who traditional law enforcement is either unable or unwilling to help. Double Exposure, the first book of this series will release in June 2012 and Dead Wrong will release in November 2012.

Where else can readers find you online?

Readers can visit me at my website , Facebook page or Twitter

The book is available at fine book stores and for online purchase via the following buttons:

444717: The Christmas Witness

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers?

Since my book is a Christmas book, my mind has been on Christmas for months. When do you begin thinking about Christmas and what is the first thing you do to prepare for the holiday?

Thank you, Susan, for visiting with us and telling us about your novel. Readers, Susan has offered to give a signed copy of her book to the winner of our drawing on Monday, December 19. To enter, leave a comment below in answer to Susan's question, above. "Please enter me" won't get you entered. Leave your email address, in case you win, like so: trish[at]trishperry[dot]com.

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lgm52 said...

Actually, I think of Christmas all year long, by hitting sales, etc for gifts for the holiday. By October I'm ready to start playing some Christmas music..after all, isn't the message in the Christmas hymns, especially, applicable all year long. I start to decorate close to Thanksgiving.

Lane Hill House said...

I think of Christmas memories all year!
In December, we purchase gifts we are going to mail. My husband has his supply for his finishing touch for the packages: small pretzel/Hugs/M&M candies.
In the morning, I am taking a coffee cake and juice for our get-together after our Y exercise class. Then on to quilting. We are having a gift exchange and potluck lunch. Thursday our Bible study is having a breakfast potluck. Packages to be wrapped, on to the post office, and we will be ready for our drive to our daughter's family for Christmas. We have all our shopping done, a first this early, ready for Christmas baking.
~*~ Merry Christmas; blessings to each of you! ~*~

Joy Hannabass said...

First of all Trish, don't include me in the giveaway, I just finished reading "The Christmas Witness" and the winner of this book is in for a great treat!! Kept me on my toes until the end!

I think of Christmas often during the year, but I really get excited about it as we near Thanksgiving. I enjoy tying it all in together.


Marianne said...

i wouldn't mind hearing Christmas music all year round. i never get tired of them. Not sure when i start looking for Christmas to be out and around, but maybe beginning of November?

Merry Christmas!

apple blossom said...

I think about Christmas all year long. I'm always on the look out for clearance gifts all year long.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Cheryl Barker said...

I usually begin thinking about Christmas in October -- starting my shopping list and even get a start on my shopping. I have to get an early start since I live a distance from many shopping opportunities.

The first thing I do to prepare, though, is drawing names with my extended family, and we usually do that when we gather on Labor Day weekend.

Merry Christmas to all!

ckbarker at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

The first thing I think of is
the menu. Some picky eaters &
some health issues make it


misskallie2000 said...

I think of Christmas all yr but in Oct. when I start thinking of Thanksgiving I can't wait to hear the Christmas music. Then preparing for Christmas with decorating and baking and shopping.
I love the Christmas season the reason we have Christmas and all the Christmas programs locally.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

by Pegg Thomas said...

I love-love-love Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, and so I refuse to consider Christmas until after Thanksgiving.
twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

Susan Sleeman said...

Thanks all for you comments about Christmas. I am surprised to hear about how many of you think about it all year long.

Judy said...

Even though I play Christmas music anytime the blues hit me, I don't start thinking about Christmas gifts, gatherings etc., until September. This year we are only buying for the grandkids..my husband lost his job after 19 1/2 years. We are still reeling from the shock but God's word promises he will take care of us if we have Faith, even as little as a mustard seed. We are standing on God's promises!

Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Trish Perry said...

Wow, Judy, that's horrible. Praying for you and your hubby.

Christmas always seems to sneak up on me. I tend to have my shopping done well in advance, but decorating? Always last minute!

But, of course, the Reason for the season is on my mind all year!

Jennifer said...

October is when I usually start thinking about Christmas and next thing you know it's December. This is the 1st year we are all done with are shopping since my husband and I have been married(14yrs).

Susan Sleeman said...

Judy, I'm praying that your husband finds employment. I've been through the same thing and it's hard, but God is faithful!

Good point, Trish that we should always have the Reason for the season on our mind all year long!

Jenny I am so proud of you for being done with your shopping!

Tawn is talking said...

Hi ladies,
I wish you a merry and joyous Christmas Season. I start thinking about Christmas shopping about a week before Thanksgiving, I plan my baking at the beginning of December but I don't pull out my decorations until Dec. 13 (like clockwork every. Year). If I start then, there are only 12 days for my 3 year to keep taking. Them down.
Tawn ß

Anonymous said...

I start thinking about Christmas as soon as summer camp is over. I pull out things I bought all year and start to wrap them in Oct and also put up my snow village in Oct. teddytukufu(at)gmail(dot)com

Merry said...

As soon as the Fall weather sets in and it gets colder, I begin thinking about Christmas ideas and listening to music. My girls and I love Christmas music!
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Deborah M said...

I probably start getting excited about Christmas after Thanksgiving.

Deborah M.
debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

Susan Sleeman said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Tawn! Merry and Teddy, wow, you begin early. My mother used to start that soon, too. Deborah, I'm more like you. When I don't have a Christmas book releasing, Thanksgiving must pass before I think Christmas. We are waiting for our daughter to come home from college on Monday to put up our tree this year. Seems so odd not to have it up yet!



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