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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sandra D. Bricker and Free Books!

PhotobucketIs it possible that Sherilyn is allergic to her fiancé?

Before we visit with today's author, I want to announce that the winner of the signed copy of Christa Allan's novel, The Edge of Grace, is:

lucieinca@ . . .

Congratulations! I'll contact you today for your snail mail address, and we'll get your book to you right away. I encourage readers to keep commenting and/or subscribe at right (above my list of books) in order to participate in future book give-aways!

Now let's revisit with one of my very favorite people, novelist Sandra D. Bricker, author of Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride (Abingdon Press, September 2011).

PhotobucketSandra D. Bricker has been publishing in both the Christian and general market for years with novels, devotionals, magazine articles and short stories. With 11 novels in print and 5 more slated for publication through 2012, Sandie has carved out a niche for herself as a best-selling and award-winning author of laugh-out-loud comedy for the inspirational market.

Sandie was an entertainment publicist for fifteen years in Los Angeles, and her client list reads like a Who’s Who? of daytime television. She currently writes full time and lives in a suburb of Tampa, Florida.

Please tell us five random things we might not know about you.

--I am a closet interior designer, and you can find HGTV on my television at any time of the day or night.

--I mostly prefer spending time with dogs to spending time with humans.

--I spent several years battling agoraphobia, and it sometimes takes me several hours to work up to walking into a room filled with people.

--I sometimes still miss the girls from Sex & the City, despite that dismal last movie.

--When I’m in a blue mood, I like to blast classic oldies…and I dance and sing at the top of my lungs! It ain’t pretty, but it works.

A girl after my own heart. Sometimes I do that blasting/dancing/singing, even if I'm in a fantastic mood. Even if I don't know the words and I sound like I'm singing in Klingon.

Please tell us a bit more about the plot of Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride.

PhotobucketAs a wedding planner, Sherilyn Caine should have the perfect wedding experience...After all, she just landed her dream job at the wedding destination hotel, The Tanglewood Inn. The rest should be a piece of cake for Sherilyn's Type A personality. But while everything else goes smoothly, her own wedding plans start to sink right before her eyes. One way or the other, Sherilyn is determined to make this wedding work—until the latest development threatens to call the whole thing off. Is it possible that Sherilyn is allergic to her fiancé?

Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride is the second book in a series of four set at The Tanglewood Inn, a fictional wedding destination hotel in Roswell, Georgia. In this book, Emma’s best friend Sherilyn moves back to the Atlanta area to take a job at the hotel, and to marry her doctor boyfriend, Andy. In addition to going back out to play with the characters everyone loved from the first book (Always the Baker), a whole new cast is introduced as well.

What is it about your lead character that will make your readers care about her?

Sherilyn is actually more of me than any other character I’ve written. She’s totally Type A, used to organizing things right down to the last, most minute detail. So when things don’t go according to her plans, she’s thrown for a loop. In addition, she and I share the unusual situation of having no real family ties, and she’s had to create her own tribe out in the world in order to fulfill that natural human need to connect, to feel like she belongs somewhere.

Readers, I've read this fun novel, and here's what I said in my review:

I didn’t think Sandra D. Bricker could write another story in this series to outdo Always the Baker, Never the Bride. I was wrong. With her gift for natural, sparkling dialogue and her ability to throw believable, tension-causing conflicts into the path of our heroine, Sherilyn, Bricker has written another winner in Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride. While it was wonderful revisiting characters from the first book, new lovebirds Sherilyn and Andy stole my heart and awakened my empathy as soon as I met them. Before you start reading the book, you might need to check your own planner—it’s hard to set it down once you dive in!

Sandie, if you were the casting director for the film version of your novel, who would play your lead roles?

PhotobucketThis is the very first book I’ve written where I didn’t have a specific actress in mind as I wrote. It was rather odd. Sherilyn just took form in my head out of nowhere. When I was working with Marian Miller, my video guru, on the trailer for the book, I came across a stock photo of exactly the person I’d had in my head. Red hair, bright blue eyes…but she’s just a random model somewhere out there. But Andy, her fiancé, never had an identity crisis. He was clearly Noah Wylie.

What were some of your favorite words of encouragement from a mentor, colleague, or reader?

That’s easy. It came from my agent, Rachelle Gardner: “Stop it! Stop second-guessing yourself and your talent and your future! Let me and God worry about all that. You, just write wonderful books…Anything beyond that, just stop it right now!” She may be the first person I’ve ever met who is strong enough to out-control me.

What is the last book you read that you would recommend?

I’m currently reading The Help, and I’m blown away by its candor and simplicity. I can’t wait to see the movie!

Oh, yeah, that movie was fantastic. What are you working on now?

I’m writing the final book in the Baker series, Always the Baker, FINALLY the Bride. At last, I get to give Emma and Jackson their happy ending!

Where else can readers find you online?

My Web site is located at www.SandraDBricker.com and my blog is at sandradbricker.blogspot.com. In addition, I’m a contributor at wordservewatercooler.com, a brand new industry blog that launched August 1st from the collective client roster of WordServe Literary Group.

The book is available at fine book stores and for online purchase through the following buttons (the distributors display the book with the wrong color, but these are the right buttons--trust me!):

731600: Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride, Emma Rae Series #2

Finally, what question would you like to ask my readers? 

If I had the opportunity to sit in a room filled with readers, I would love to chat with them about what drew them to books in the first place. Were they young readers, or did they find books as adults? What’s their first memory of being truly moved by a book? I think you can learn so much about a person when you explore the roots of the things they’re passionate about.

Thank you, Sandie, for visiting with us and telling us about your novel. Readers, Sandie has offered to give a signed copy of her book to the winner of our drawing on Thursday, October 6. To enter, leave a comment below in answer to Sandie's question, above. "Please enter me" won't get you entered. Leave your email address, in case you win, like so: trish[at]trishperry[dot]com.

Be sure to check out my interview with Sarah Sundin, below. Leave an appropriate comment at the bottom of the post to enter the drawing for a signed copy of her book.

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wfnren said...

I have the first book on my wish list, maybe I can win this one. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Books have always been one
of the most important things
in my life. They took me
away to another place where
life was better or got better.
Anne of Green Gables is the one
from childhood I remember had
the most effect on me. I often
wished I were her.


Rebecca said...

I am a part of a reading family. From when I was little I can remember having my mom read books to me. Then as I got older and learned to read I just kept going. When I was little I loved reading the Bearnstein Bears. These were very educational books to me. Those books moved me and made me into a better person.

Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This book looks amazing. I would love to read this. thanks again.


Trish Perry said...

I loved reading when I was a kid, and I think that's because my mom was always an avid reader and lover of story. Then I hit a dead patch when forced to read books that bored me in high school.

My older sister lured me back into reading with her silly romance novels. From there I moved into exciting espionage novels, and I gradually grew to love excellent writing and literature. Now I love reading novels, including the books I found boring as a teen!

squiresj said...

What drew me to books was my Mother. She read to me when I was little and helped me learn to read at an early age. We both like the same type books. However she is in heaven now.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Kimberly Johnson said...

I've always had a love for books. As a young child my Grandma would buy me these wonderful hard back picture books, many of which I still have. Then somewhere in my middle grade years I lost my love for books. A friend in seventh grade introduced me to romance novels and I've been hooked ever since.
I think I own every romance Sandra has written and would love to win a copy of her latest. Please enter me. kimberlyj503(at)gmail(dot)com

Author Sandra D. Bricker said...

I had such a good time visiting with Trish, and now reading all of your comments! Thanks for visiting. I can't wait to read what else you all have to say about books. --Sandie

Pam K. said...

I have no idea which book was the first to "move" me. I was introduced to books when I was very, very young and grew up in a house filled with books. We all were encouraged to read. For much of my childhood, we didn't have TV; we also lived in the country. Books were our ticket to the world and became our friends. I continue to read everyday and am happy that both my children are readers.

Amy Chapman said...

I really started reading when I overheard my Mom and Grandmother talking about Kathleen Woodiwiss. An author they both enjoy reading. It wasn't until I read Warrior's Woman by Johanna Lindsey that the true spark of reading lit in me. To this day I seek out Futuristic Romance novels.

Charity Lane said...

i read a preview copy of this on Net Galley and absolutely loved it!!!

dancealert said...

I'm a subscriber by email and follow via gfc. I posted this to my blog: http://dancealertreads.blogspot.com/2011/09/reading-writing-and-stuff-in-between_29.html

I've been reading since I was young and reading Nancy Drew at night with a flashlight under the covers. First book that really left a mark on me was the book about the Donner Party!

dancealert at aol dot com

Marji Laine - Unravel the Mystery said...

I cut my teeth on Trixie Belden books, then graduated to Phyllis A. Whitney. I couldn't get enough of them. To this day, my fondest wish is to visit Maui because of Whitney's book, "Silversword."

BTW, I had such fun listening to my 15-year-old read Sandie's book, "Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas." I read it before her and loved it, but the best part was watching her hysterics!

marji.laine (at) gmail.com

Patsy said...

My family was not a reading family. I began to love reading in upper elementary school. I remember reading Charlotte's Web. I loved that book! That's the one that really got me started. Of course I also remember all the Dick and Jane books. Those books are so cute!

Would love to read Sarah's book.


karenk said...

i've been a 'reader' for as long as i can remember...

thanks for the chance to read this novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

lgm52 said...

I have loved to read ever since I began reading as a child. My love of books and reading prompted me to "want to be a librarian" and I was fortunate enough to make that goal in my life. My love for books and reading continues on...and always will.
Thanks for the great interview. Looking forward to reading your book.

misskallie2000 said...

Hi Sandra, I have not had the pleasure of reading one of your books and can't wait to read them. I have been reading over 60 yrs and love humor and romance and your books sound like my kind of book to read. Thanks for stopping by to chat and share with us.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Amber said...

I've been reading as long as I can remember! My mom was extremely active in teaching my siblings and me at a very young age, for which I'm incredibly thankful. I do remember my first favorite book-Stone Fox! I read it in first grade and fell in love. I think it had something to do with being my teacher's favorite book!


Merry said...

I've always loved books! My first book I really loved was Are You My Mother?, then came the Little House books, Little Women, Narnia, anything and everything from the library. In high school I fell in love with Pride and Prejudice and later found Love Comes Softly and my love for Christian fiction was born. Please include me for Sandra's book, she is a must read for me, she lifts my spirits with her wonderful stories.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

by Pegg Thomas said...

I can remember my grandmother reading to me when I was very young, one of my earliest memories. But also I'd credit school teachers who fostered that love of story.
twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

apple blossom said...

I never got into reading books until older in life. Never was encouraged as a kid to read. I think the ones that got me going was Janette Oke's Love comes Softly series and from there it was down hill now I have more books than I know what to do with.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Lady DragonKeeper said...

I've always loved reading! One of the first books I remember loving was the Little House on the Prairie series ... I must have read them over 10 times in elementary school. =)

Thanks for the chance to win --this series sounds so fun!


Anonymous said...

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember! When I was little, I would read Nancy Drew books and pretend that I was solving the mysteries right along with her. To this day, I totally immerse myself in the stories and tend to forget everything else.

I would love to win this book. Sandra is one of my favorite authors!


Angela said...

I have always been a reader, since I first put letters together to make words! The first book I remember moving me was Little Women, I wanted to be those girls, each one, no matter what the hardships I wanted to be their sister.



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