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Monday, March 9, 2009

You Named Your Character What?

Wondering what to name your heroine? Her manly hero? Your villain?

Hopefully you'll use more sense than the people I featured in my Christian Fiction Online Magazine column this month. Give it a look and take advantage of some of the name sites I've found helpful when naming my characters.

Then join me below in welcoming Deborah Raney to Reading, Writing, and the Stuff In-Between!


Merrillee said...

I use some of those sites to find names for my characters. I had to laugh when you were talking about an initial for a name. My youngest brother has "W" as his middle initial. His first name is George, but he wasn't the past president. :) He has only a middle initial because he was kind of named after our dad whose name was George Washington Luft. My grandparents were German Russian immigrants who obviously loved their new country.

Trish Perry said...

I like those initial-only middle names, Merrillee! My five-year-old grandson's middle name is H, in honor of his two grandpas, Hugo and Harry. His first name is Bronx, which is an unusual name in itself!

Linda said...

You'll get a good laugh on this one. I was named after my dad's favorite team of horses, Lindy and Ann. I am Linda Ann. I guess I could look at it as being very special, as he loved horses. My brothers may think I'm a horse's ... Anyway, it's a true story. I personally like unusual names, but not some of the ones Hollywood people are using. I think African American names are so unique at times.

sherrinda said...

My name is a compromise between my mom and dad. Mom liked Sherry and Dad liked Linda so they stuck it together and called me Sherrinda. Poor me in kindergarten when I had to learn to spell my name, Sherrinda Williams. LONG! But at least it is not as bad as my name now....Sherrinda Ketchersid. Yes, a mouthful, I know. sigh.... Where were the internet sites when my parents where dreaming up names?

Trish Perry said...

God bless you, Sherrinda, for taking your hubby's name, LOL! And be glad your parents put the names in the order they did, or you might have been Lerry!



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